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World Motorsports Council Decisions – Karting

The FIA world motorsports council met and the below were the decisions related to karting. Stricter penalties for dangerous infractions, FIA Women in Motorsports has renewed its partnership with CIK-FIA, and the drivers’ commision have put emphasis on karting as …

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MOJO Tyres Information. Barcodes and Batches.

Reifenwerk Heidenau GmbH & Co, the company behind the MOJO tyres for the Rotax Max Challenge has released the below clarification on the barcodes placed on MOJO tyres as well as some interesting information on the production process. The main …

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BRP Announce MOJO CW Wet Tyre for Micro / Mini Max

BRP has announced a new tyre for the Mini and Micro Max categories, in the form of the Mojo CW wet tyre. The tyre will be introduced at the Grand Finals where a MicroMax category is being run. Most Rotax …

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FIA Decisions on Karting

The FIA World Motor Spots Council has announced some changes to regulations and other aspects of karting. These include the introduction of the CMH helmets, safety guidelines for leisure karting, and other interesting things such as the requirement of chain, brake, and ignition protection devices in certain cases. Read the full decisions on the CIK-FIA website here.

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Snell CMR-2007 and CMS-2007 helmet standards

Karting HelmetThe Snell foundation has finalised its children’s motor sports helmet standards CMR2007 and CMS2007 which are the two standards that fall under the Snell/FIA CMH (Children’s Motorsport Helmet).

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