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Drive Sepang and Shah-Alam on an Online Kart Sim!

Avid hobby karter and car racer Chris Setterington has developed an online kart racing sim called Casual Karting. Point your browser over to to give the game a go. The game loads in the browser and can be played …

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TnetX Display from AMB

TnetX DisplayAMB has in the works a new display that karters will find very interesting. It provides more timing information than any other existing lap timer such as MyChron, Alfano, or Unipro. What more could it provide than your laptime?

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Parents have to learn about sportsmanship too!

Parents at the kart trackThere’s a great quick article on about parents at the kart track. In short it advices parents not to live vicariously through their kids, don’t expect your kid to become Schumacher, don’t criticize your child and especially other kids, leave the track officials alone (please!), smile, and listen to your kid!

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