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World Motorsports Council Decisions – Karting

The FIA world motorsports council met and the below were the decisions related to karting. Stricter penalties for dangerous infractions, FIA Women in Motorsports has renewed its partnership with CIK-FIA, and the drivers’ commision have put emphasis on karting as …

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FIA Launch Anti-Doping Camapign (www.cikfia.com)

FIA has launched an anti-doping campaign called “Race True” which spans all FIA events. All drivers at FIA events will be given a letter to remind them of what they are responsible for when it comes to doping. The main …

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FIA World Motor Sport Council Karting Decisions (cikfia.com)

The latest FIA World Motor Sport Council decisions on Karting include licensing changes, technical rule changes with regards to KZ1, and appeal fee changes. Read the full release on CIKFIA.com.

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FIA Decisions on Karting

The FIA World Motor Spots Council has announced some changes to regulations and other aspects of karting. These include the introduction of the CMH helmets, safety guidelines for leisure karting, and other interesting things such as the requirement of chain, brake, and ignition protection devices in certain cases. Read the full decisions on the CIK-FIA website here.

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