Drive Sepang and Shah-Alam on an Online Kart Sim!

Kart Simulator OnlineAvid hobby karter and car racer Chris Setterington has developed an online kart racing sim called Casual Karting. Point your browser over to www.casualkarting.com to give the game a go.

The game loads in the browser and can be played with your keyboard, joystick, or even steering wheel! The AI competitors seems hopeless but the game has a lot of potential. I couldn’t get my wheel working the way I’d like to so I will give it a proper go later to see what it’s really like.

The sim as explained on the home page:

Casualkarting.com began as an idea to teach children the basics of karting by simulation before letting them loose on the track. With advances in technology, it is evolving from not only being a teaching tool, but into a community based race simulator.

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