Grand Finals Day 1 Quick Report & Pictures

The opening day of track action was on Tuesday 25th of November, with each category getting 3 practice session each (15+10+10 minutes). The previous day was dedicated to kart raffles, tool & equipment allocation and drivers and mechanics preparing their karts for the challenge ahead.

A stark contrast in testing methodology was apparent with some drivers that had made the trip to the circuit in the past month or two focusing on making quick setup changes after short stints on track, and most of the field mainly focused on learning the track and staying on track for the majority of the sessions.

The long full-throttle sections of the track mean that getting a slipstream for qualifying might prove vital. The fast sections are nicely balanced by challenging slower sections and some interesting off-camber corners and a few chicanes with big curbs to hop over.

The KartingAsia Facebook page has some pictures, and below is a quick selection of from the preparation day and day 1 of track action:

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