Rotax Introduces Anodized Carb Parts

Rotax has announced the immediate availability of different color carb jets. They are expecting the “hot-up” parts to be particularly popular in the Japanese market where drivers wear colorful suits and like to individualize their karts as much as possible.

Dr. Robert Hurgenmeister said that “Our market research has shown that we are seen as a company that takes things too seriously. We hope that product innovations such as this will add some color to our company, and make our customers realise that we are able to loosen our suspenders and knock back a few beers.” He also added that with Rotax regulations being so strict on engine modifications there was little room for creativity, and this would let the engine tuners at least add “flavor” to their carbs.

Meanwhile technical director at BPR Rotax Helmet Proitector reiterated that “These parts are strictly for aesthetic purposes. They do not provide any performance gains. Their reliability and safety improvement potential is also questionable. We have attempted to keep costs down in the series through constant product development, and thus these colored jets will be available at only double the cost of the standard brass jets.”

At the moment the floats remain standard white and are not available in other variations, but they are in the long-term production development plan. For now the carb internal jets are available in Rotax Red, Racing Green, Fools Gold, and Ugly Purple.

Release prepared by Fril Pools Media.

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