FIA Launch Anti-Doping Camapign (www.cikfia.com)

FIA has launched an anti-doping campaign called “Race True” which spans all FIA events. All drivers at FIA events will be given a letter to remind them of what they are responsible for when it comes to doping.

The main points are:

→ You are responsible for any substance that enters your body, regardless of whether or not the substance has been taken or administered intentionally.
→ If you need to use a medicine which is normally prohibited (because no permitted medicine can be used instead), you must fill in a Therapeutic Use Exemption request and send it to your National Anti-Doping Organisation (or directly to the FIA in certain cases specified in the regulations) for approval.
→ The content of a specific drug can vary from one country to another, so try to bring with you any drugs you need to use while you are abroad.
→ Even apparently benign drugs such as eyes drops, nose drops or throat pastilles can contain prohibited substances.
→ Be careful: nutritional supplements do not always mention all the substances
they contain. So always make sure that you know what you are taking.

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