Singapore Karting Championship 2012 Race Calendar

The Singapore Karting Championship goes into its third season, with the series commencing on the last weekend of April and being decided in early December 2012.

The 2012 Race Calendar

  • Round 1 – Apr 28 to 29 (closing date 13 Apr 2012)
  • Round 2 – Jun 30 to Jul 1 (closing date 15 Jun 2012)
  • Round 3 – Jul 28 to 29 (closing date 13 Jul 2012)
  • Round 4 – Sep 29 to 30 (closing date 14 Sep 2012)
  • Round 5 – Dec 1 to 2 (closing date 16 Nov 2012)
The calendar has also been added to the KartingAsia.com Calender for easy access.

Stay tuned as pre-season testing heats up and drivers start to show form prior to the opening race of the 2012 season. With SKC Title Winners Amin Noorzilan, Thaddeus Lee, Eric Ho and Anthony Seow all defending their 2011 titles, Cadet champion Jon Lee will move up to Juniors to mix it up with Amin Noorzilan and Gabriella Teo.

Hot on the heels of defending champions will be drivers that missed out on 2011 titles including Gabriella Teo, Opai, Vincent Nathan, Saravanan Rajakumar, Ong Kian Leong, Paul lee and Kenny Yip.

Pre-season testing has also seen some much improved performances from drivers Jayden Jin, Manon Maistre and Randall Ng, all having a good chance of scoring podium positions in 2012.

The SKC management will be sending out invitations to karters to register for this year’s championship. Registrations will most likely begin in mid February. Stay tuned!

Release by: www.skc.sg

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  1. 道与理 says:

    how can i enter the race??

  2. Mikko Nassi says:


    The series is for drives that own their own karts – so if you don’t have one but are considering it you should get in touch with one of the teams in Singapore. Drop an email to the organisers through skc.sgand I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.

    Typically you want to get a few month of practice in before you enter a race, and you need to get a racing license.

    It’s a good idea to head down to kartright during the weekend and talk to the drivers with their own race karts – many of them race in the series.


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