AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 – Hot Start to the Season

Press Release

24 April 2011, Singapore – AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 started its new season with Round 1 having forty competitive karters participating in 5 racing classes: Cadet (8 to 12 years), Junior (13 to 15 years), Senior (15 to 35 years), Senior Master (30 to 45 years) and Senior Veteran (45 years and up). The debut of new vehicles and new drivers added to the anticipation for the new season of the national level karting competition where racers compete over 5 rounds for the championship season. Sanctioned by the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA) and officiated by Singapore GP, AutoInc SKC 2011 is organized by McElrea Racing and held at Kartright Speedway, Singapore’s premier competition-length karting race track.

Racers compete over a 750-metre-long technically-challenging circuit, where the results of each race will be combined to determine the overall winners for the championship. Points will be earned at every race event, both the Pre-Final and Final. At the end of all five rounds, the winner will be the one with the highest number of accumulated points. For each round, trophies are awarded to the top 3 drivers of each category.

“I am very pleased with the overall turn-up for this weekend round. I am impressed by the driving skills displayed by our competitive racers. This 2011 season will indeed be exciting as we see the return of many faces familiar to our karting scene such as veteran karting champion Kenny Yip, and our first championship cadet champion Jon Lee, as well as new racers like Gabriella Teo who at 12 years old, is definitely a face to look out for on the podium. Also, I would like to thank all the sponsors for making this event happen! With their support, I am sure that we can definitely reach out to more people and promote karting community in Singapore,” said Yuey Tan, Ambassador of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011.

With luxury automobile broker AutoIncSports as the title sponsor for the Singapore Karting Championship, other sponsors supporting the championship include Xinya Media, Kartright Speedway, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Wimobilize Singapore Pte Ltd and Eurohaus.

Round 2 of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 will be held on Saturday, 14 May 2011 and Sunday, 15 May 2011. The race format will be the same as Round 1. Qualifying Round, Heat 1 and Heat 2 will be held on Saturday while Pre-Final and Final will be held on Sunday.

SKC Round 1 Podium Finisher

Rank Competition Number Name of Driver Name of Entrant
1 233 Jon Lee Xuan Hao Drakar Racing Team
2 277 Javier Chng Williams Racing
3 941 Josh Lee Yan Yeng Drakar Racing Team

Rank Competition Number Name of Driver Name of Entrant
1 126 Amin Noorzilan Williams Racing
2 25 Gabriella Teo Yu Ying McElrea Racing
3 825 Yeo Hong Yang GP Racing

Rank Competition Number Name of Driver Name of Entrant
1 599 Saravanan Rajakumar Williams Racing
2 633 Ted Linn BMS Racing Team
3 348 Jack Mcgregor Black Dog

Senior Master
Rank Competition Number Name of Driver Name of Entrant
1 26 Ho Hoi San Eric BMS Racing Team
2 68 Yap Kheng Weng YZF
3 61 Benjamin Goh BMS Racing Team

Senior Veteran
Rank Competition Number Name of Driver Name of Entrant
1 23 Kenny Yip YZF
2 232 Anthony Seow BMS Racing Team
3 139 Leon Khoo Beng Koon BMS Racing Team

Prepared by McElrea Racing

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