Karting Tracks in Finland

This is the Finland section of KartingAsia.com's database of kart racing tracks. If you have any tracks to add that aren't listed below, please email info@kartingasia.com or write in the forums.

Navigating the map below is simple. You can use the buttons on the left or your scroll wheel to zoom in/out. Moving along the map is acheived by clicking and dragging. You can then click a track icon and a link will show that will take you to the track details page.

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Finland Tracks List:

Iinatti  Northern Ostrobothnia
Ylivieska Huhmarkallio  Northern Ostrobothnia
Pitkämäen karting  Pohjanmaa
Töysä Suseka  Pohjanmaa
Sports & Karting Center  Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
Espoo, Bembole  Southern Finland
Alaharma Mika Salo Circuit  Western Finland
Eura, Kauttua  Western Finland
Ruuhimaki Circuit  Western Finland
Ruuhimaki Circuit  Western Finland
Lemland, (Åland)Ahvenanmaa  Åland (Ahvenanmaa)

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