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KombiKart Challenge MKIII – Q & A with Ton van de Burgt

KombiKart Challenge MKIII

Kombikart is the only Dutch manufacturer of CIK-FIA homologated race karts, operating out of a 3000m2 factory in Schijndel, Holland. With only 10 permament employees Kombikart is one of the smaller kart manufacturers, but they have still achieved a lot of success particularly in Rotax Max racing (Euro Challenge and National Championships). Their factory racing effort (Hugo Motorsports) is run by team manager Hugo van der Ham, a former Dutch kart-champion and formula car driver.

The KombiKart Challenge MKIII is the company’s only kart homologated for the 2009-2014 homologation period, and some of its unique design features ensure that despite having only one kart, it is capable of handling various different kinds of tyres and engines.

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Arrow X1 – Q & A With Adam Klunyk

Arrow X1

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at some of the new karts homologated for the 2009-2014 CIK-FIA homologation period in detail by asking the manufacturers about their latest creations and what went into their designs. We’ll start things off with Arrow’s latest CIK homologated kart, the Arrow X1-CIK.

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Maranello RS8 – set to change the look of the modern kart?

Maranello have come out with a very radical new design for 2009, the RS8. It features a centrally located rear brake system and 3rd bearing with a floating disc, floating caliper, and floating bearing. The entire frame design is also different to anything else currently on the market. The tubing has a symmetrical design, no rear torsion bar (one fixed tube across the back), and a very interesting front end.

View the pictures here, and discuss the kart in the forums here.

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New Reed Valve Assembly From Rotax

BRP Rotax KartingRotax has introduced a new Reed Valve assembly which will replace the one currently in use. This change came about because Rotax’s reed valve assembly production tool reached the end of its production life cycle.

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Karting Tips: Data Acquisition

Data AcquisitionA new article has been added to the karting tips section. It is an introduction to karting data acquisition and analysis, introducing the major logging systems available and the software that is used to analyze the data. The article is fairly long at over 5000 words however it is split into 4 pages for convenience.

Go to the Data Acquisition article.

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Basic Rental Karting Tips

This is the first in a series of articles intended for rental karters as well as those new to the sport to get the best experience and performance out of their karting. We’ll cover the very basics that are good for the first-time rental karter, but some of the info here could also help an experienced driver extract more performance.

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