RMC dates

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RMC dates

Postby danzer » Wed May 20, 2009 6:52 am

I heard that the RMC June event will be at Sepang instead of Elite but the venue on KRS website is still Elite. So what's the news on that? Sepang or Elite?

And what about the July event? Anyone knows where it is going to be held or where it is planning to be held?
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Re: RMC dates

Postby JohnKing6 » Wed May 20, 2009 10:18 pm

here's an email sent out by James today:

This is the latest review on the remaining races for RMC (Malaysian Series) and the
Asia Zone Max Challenge. Please take note of the change of dates accordingly. The
dates listed below is FINAL and no more changes will be made. For all overseas
drivers, you can start booking your air tickets to get a good price.

ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE (Malaysian Series)

Round 3 27/28 June Venue: Sepang Karting
Circuit, Sepang
Round 4 25/26 July Venue: Indrapura Karting
Circuit - Pekan, Pahang - newsletter will come out soon
Round 5 15/16 August Venue: Speedway Plus Elite
circuit, Subang Jaya


Round 3 25/26 July Venue: Indrapura Karting
Circuit - Pekan, Pahang (run together with RMC rd 4)
Round 4 15/16 August Venue: Speedway Plus Elite
circuit, Subang Jaya (run together with RMC rd 5)

The original date for AMC 4 was on 17/18 October but because of the KF race in Macau
at the same time, we are pushing for the AMC to run in August before the Muslim
fasting starts. We will organise another one-off race in October using the Max

All karters please take note of the dates. We hope you will confirm your entry
early. You may now email us your entry so that we can update our entry database.

Please note for AMC 3 in Pekan, Pahang there are limited rooms only so the first 50
drivers who submit their names as well as payment will be entitled to 3 nights free
stay. This is directed more towards foreign drivers who wish to come for the AMC.
Entry forms can be downloaded from our webpage or karting asia webpage shortly.

Indonesian drivers aiming for the GF has so far scored points from 2 rounds of the
National Championship as well as round 3 which was run together with the AMC at
Sentul on 9/10 May. Due to the fact that the Indonesian National Championship will
no longer allows Max drivers to score points towards the RMC - Indonesian Series
(Round 4 & 5), I will ask all Indonesian Max drivers to come to the RMC (Malaysian
Series) to score the remaining rounds 4 & 5 in July and August. I will give you the
points the same way as you would have scored in Indonesia. From there we will be
able to determine the drivers going to the Grand Finals in Egypt. For further
information please contact Lika.
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Re: RMC dates

Postby Mikko Nassi » Wed May 20, 2009 10:35 pm

And for easier reading, the remaining rounds are:

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2009 Malaysia Calendar
27-28 June      Sepang
25-26 July      Pekan
15-16 August    Speedway PLUS

2009 Asia Calendar
25-26 July        Pekan
15-16 August      Speedway PLUS
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