Saravanan Rajakumar moves to BMS Racing

Saravanan RajakumarSingapore 25 Jan – 2011 Williams title hopeful, Saravanan Rajakumar has switched red for green as he swaps his Birel for a Tonykart in 2012.

The talented Senior category driver was leading his category championship for half of the season in 2011 with Williams Racing, showing moments of brilliance during the season. Though eventually, he was overhauled by Thaddeus Lee and Asia Pacific star, Opai from Drakar.

The 2012 season has seen Rajakumar testing in a 2012 Tonykart Chassis, now running under team boss and 2011 Master category runner up, Benjamin Goh. Another of Rajakumar’s Williams compatriots, Randall Ng has also moved to BMS Racing.

It’s very likely that the Senior category driver will be challenging for SKC honours once again in 2012, being a force to be reckoned with till the very end of a tough 2011. Pre-season has also shown usual suspects, Thaddeus Lee, Vincent Nathan and Randall Ng all looking sharp.

SKC Ambassador, Yuey Tan commented on the team move. “It’s a great move for Saravanan,” said Tan. “There is no question that BMS Racing was the team of 2011 and they are looking very strong in 2012 in the pre season. It wasn’t easy for them either.”

Team boss Benjamin Goh, has been a pioneer in the modern era of karting, being around for several seasons in the racing scene. With victory in three categories in the SKC 2011, the titles are there for them to defend throughout the 2012 season.

“I remember halfway through the calendar year in 2011, Williams Racing had three possible champions in Javier, Amin and Saravanan. Though BMS came back the second half of the season and got the results they needed.”

BMS has continued to strengthen its driver roster after the loss of Thaddeus Lee, replacing him with Saravanan Rajakumar. Vincent Nathan will be wearing the Italian green team colours again this year, and now a much improved Randall Ng will be interesting to watch as well.

“With proven race winners such as Saravanan and Vincent, you know this will be a solid base for BMS in the Seniors; no question about that. And with Eric Ho in the Masters and Anthony Seow in the Veterans, the game could be all about BMS again.”

Look out for the progress of Senior title hopeful, Saravanan Rajakumar and his newly formed alliance with BMS Racing and the TonyKart Chassis.

Picture and Article: skc.org

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