No Front Brakes for Senior Max in Rotax Asia/Malaysia

Regulation update from the organisers:

In accordance with the 2013 Rotax Technical Regulations on the front brakes for the Senior category, and after having received requests from drivers & teams, we have decided that the use of front brakes for Senior Max will no longer be allowed. Therefore all drivers who currently currently have front brakes will need to remove them for the 2013 season starting with the Rotax Invitational event in January.

In the short-term the decision may upset those that need to remove their front brakes or may have recently purchased a kart with front brakes, and we apologise for the inconvenience to all those affected. In the long run the change will bring cost savings and we felt it was better to put the new regulation into effect before the season got under-way.

The Rotax Grand Finals are also run with no front brakes in the Senior category, which means drivers that earn their seat from the Rotax Asia/Malaysia series will be better prepared for the challenge. It also drops the weight of the kart by a few KG helping those that are slightly over the weight limit.

An Additional Supplementary Regulation covering the change will be released prior to the Rotax Invitational event.

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